• November 26, 2021
AquaClean Wak

AquaClean from Accurate Chemical

Software: Renew fluid and additive each four weeks. In case the blue color of fluid has pale, renew earlier. Suitable to be used as an additive in water reservoirs inside cell tradition incubators. (Its non-volatile lively substances can not invade cell-cultures by way of air). AquaClean inhibits progress of micro organism, algae, fungi and precipitation…

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Histo Clear II

National Diagnostics HISTO-CLEAR II 1 GL

Histo-Clear II Low Hazard Biodegradable Lowered Citrus Odor Primarily probably the most usually used histological stain, hematoxylin is a pure compound extracted from a species of tree current in Mexico and the West Indies. The extracted compound is oxidized to supply hematein, the energetic staining ingredient of the hematoxylin stain. The manufacturing of histological staining…

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Zeptometrix buffalo corporation

zeptometrix corporation buffalo ny

CUSTOM SERVICES ZeptoMetrix affords various custom-made corporations utilizing expertise in virology, bacteriology, molecular biology, immunology, and related disciplines involved with assay enchancment and infectious sickness diagnostics functions. With an in depth assortment of microorganisms and expertise in sourcing and propagation of strains of curiosity, we excel at collaborations with evaluation and product enchancment scientists to search…

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ABM Prigrow III

Prigrow III Medium SafeView Merchandise

Cellular Provides: abm is globally acknowledged chief in most important and immortalized cell traces. We have the largest assortment of immortalized human, mouse, and rat cell traces on the planet. This incorporates immortalized human, mouse, rat hepatocytes that will’t be found wherever else. In addition to, we moreover provide reliable and fairly priced suppliers for…

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Covid-19 Antigen, rapid test

Explanation of the different types of COVID-19 tests UC Davis Health is among the first in the country to implement an innovative and highly accurate test that can detect COVID-19 and flu viruses at the same time. Returns results in 20 minutes and the test method is considered the gold standard for coronavirus. UC Davis…

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Michel’s Transport Fluid 500ml

Resume Formalin fixation and paraffin embedding are standard procedures for histopathological diagnosis and allow long-term archiving of tissue samples. The cross-linking properties of formalin cause nucleic acid fragmentation and reduce the sensitivity of PCR analysis. Michel’s medium is a well-established transport medium used by dermatologists for transporting biopsies to maintain immunoreactions bound to tissue prior…

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VivaDiag Antigen Rapid test

Quality level: 100 Test: ≥99.0% (TLC) Form: dust or crystals Storage temperature: −20 ° C SMILES chain CC (= O) NC @@ H1C @@ H (O) C @@ H (O) C @@ H (CO) OC @@ H1OCC @ H (N) C (O) = O InChI 1S / C11H20N2O8 / c1-4 (15) 13-7-9 (17) 8 (16)…

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Ponatinib, free base

Description Ponatinib, also known as AP24534, is a multi-target tyrosine kinase inhibitor and is active against T315I and other BCR-ABL mutants. Ponatinib inhibited native BCR-ABL (IC50 = 0.37 nM) and mutants with IC50 values ​​of 2 nM (T315I); 0.44 nM (Q252H); 0.3 nM (Y253F); 0.3 nM (M351T); and 0.34 nM (H396P) in biochemical assays. It…

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Covid-19 Antigen

Viral Tests 1. PCR tests These are based on a standard laboratory technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which is used to detect small amounts of genetic material within samples – in this case, SARS-CoV-2. It is an extremely sensitive test, with high accuracy rates, which is why the PCR test is widely accepted as…

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