• June 8, 2021

Counseling Course

On behalf of the Directors of RASIT jeans 4 genes International program, Cardiff University School of Medicine, and the entire course planning committee, we invite you to join us in Beirut City – Lebanon to the first Genetic Counseling Education Course in the Developing States to be held between 20 –28 November 2008.

Since 1994, RASIT began an intensive look at the status of genetics disorders in Arab Countries, existing programs, and methods of counseling, diagnosis, testing, statistics, and personnel proficiency. The purpose of this study was to ask fundamental questions mainly: what are the genetic disorders spread in Arab countries? How it can be prevented? Are there enough professionals to do the work? and finally, how to fight the training battle?

Although genetic counseling training programs have existed in North America and the United Kingdom for over 15 years, our recent evaluation suggests that genetic counseling programs and services almost do not exist in the Arab States, and if available itis mainly provided by clinical physicians, who either do not have time for patients or do not have the skills for counseling patients.

This training program will help to fill a gap in the provision of genetic counseling services in the Arab States. Our focus is to prepare professionals (including doctors, psychologists, social workers, and nurses) with the appropriate knowledge on the concepts of human genetics and counseling, to become capable and skilled. To accomplish this, a variety of educational courses and activities are required.

Organizing an educational course such as ours takes the dedication of a large team of professional volunteers who have been working hard for well over six months. The Cardiff University teaching team, chaired by Professor Angus Clarke, has organized a notable slate of presentations on a diverse range of topics.

Please consider submitting your registration application as we have limited places to offer. The deadline for receipt of application submissions is October 24, 2008.

We are excited that the course will be held in Lebanon, a country dedicated to improving health care and public awareness in the Middle East. Also, it is quite a pioneering to offer this educational course for the first time in Developing Countries. Therefore, we are planning to celebrate the launching of the “jeans 4 genes International Center” to commemorate this achievement. We hope you will be part of the celebration.

Finally, and on behalf of the entire organizing committee, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Prof. Mohammed Jawad Khalife, Minister of Health, for his Patronage of this course.

We look forward to seeing you in Beirut!