• November 26, 2021
Histo Clear II

National Diagnostics HISTO-CLEAR II 1 GL

Histo-Clear II

  • Low Hazard
  • Biodegradable
  • Lowered Citrus Odor

Primarily probably the most usually used histological stain, hematoxylin is a pure compound extracted from a species of tree current in Mexico and the West Indies. The extracted compound is oxidized to supply hematein, the energetic staining ingredient of the hematoxylin stain.
The manufacturing of histological staining choices is an art work. Just some laboratories are in a position to making a stain of reliable vibrance. At Nationwide Diagnostics we’ve now gone one step further. Our proprietary methods acquire the most effective administration of the ripening course of, resulting in the one commercially on the market Harris’ Hematoxylin with a full one 12 months shelf life.


Histo-Clear II, like its predecessor Histo-Clear, is a safer histological clearing agent that leads to the manufacturing of high-quality tissue slides. Histo-Clear II is unhazardous and totally biodegradable, thus decreasing disposal costs. Histo-Clear II has a vastly diminished citrus odor as compared with totally different citrus-based histological clearing brokers.

Discover: Histo-Clear II is simply not appropriate with many synthetic mounting media. Histo-Clear II is a long-standing favorite dry mounting procedures and aqueous mounting. Please affirm compatibility alongside along with your mounting media sooner than using Histo-Clear II with in wet-mounting with synthetic media.


Hazardous Provides Cost (HazMat) applies if shipped by Air.

National Diagnostics HISTO-CLEAR
National Diagnostics HISTO-CLEAR

Discover: The following protocol has given good to fantastic outcomes with all types of tissue sections. It
may ought to be optimized for a given tissue, half
thickness, and so forth.



1. Dewax and rehydrate slides

a) Immerse slides inside the following sequence of baths:
l Histo-Clear – 10 minutes
l Histo-Clear – 10 minutes
l 100% ethanol – 2 minutes
l 95% ethanol – 2 minutes
l 50% ethanol – 2 minutes
l Water – 2 minutes

2. Stain
a) Immerse slides in Hematoxylin reply for 10- 20 minutes.
b) Rinse 2 minutes in water or Scott’s Tapwater substitute.
c) Differentiate with 2-5 dips in 70% ethanol containing 0.1% HCl.
d) Immerse for 2 minutes in Scott’s Tapwater substitute.
e) Stain in 1% aqueous Eosin with 0.1 acetic acid for 10 minutes.

3. Dehydrate, clear and mount
a) Immerse slides inside the following sequence of
l 50% ethanol – 2 minutes
l 95% ethanol – 2 minutes
l 100% ethanol – 2 minutes
l Histo-Clear – 10 minutes
l Histo-Clear – 10 minutes
b) Mount coverslip with Histomount.



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